Environmental concerns have been a greater factor in production facilities all over the world in nowadays. Improved actions are also found in the base of many industrial functionality like sugar mills, paper mills and other process plants. Conservation, reclamation and recycling of used lubricant oil can be a beneficial and ecological activity.

The reclaiming of oil fulfills the following things:

  • Saves a valuable resource
  • Saves environment from contamination
  • Waste disposal costs are reduced which ultimately saves money

Time to reclaim and recycle:

Reclamation and recycling are two related processes having some significant differences.

It is mandatory to check that the recycled lubricants are handled and processed in an environment friendly manner. Get an independent environmental audit for its site and processes from the removal company. Make sure that the company is licensed for processing used oil and visit the site on a regular basis.

Reclamation Process:-

Reclamation process works as a charge of lubricant oil, generally on-site and return back the charge to the machine sump. Reclamation of transformer oil, hydraulic oil and turbine oil are the example of this process. This process may be done off-site where the reclamation service provider drains the available charge and replace it with the previously reclaimed oil. This process generally includes cleaning, drying and may be adsorption to remove color, acids and sludge.

Recycling Process:-

Each and every lubricant oil charge gradually reaches to the end of its life and needs to be removed from the machine system, if it is engine, gearbox, hydraulic system or a turbine. The oil which is recycled can be refined again to the new base oil otherwise treated and sold as fuel.

Purified Lubricants, Inc. is very old name in On-site Oil Reclamation Service offering various other services like Oil Conditioning, Oil and Chemical flushing services in addition to the Oil analysis service. Oil industries can also get the oil purifying service with their Portable oil purifying equipments. One can avail any of these services by making a call on 708-478-3500 or by emailing on info@purifiedlubricants.com and for more information you can visit http://www.purifiedlubricants.com/on-site-oil-reclamation.html.


Oil analysis means to check the condition of the used oil and with respect to that you can determine the condition of the engine to some extent. The viscosity of the oil is measured by basic oil analysis for used oil and the existence of fuel and coolant in addition to the different additives in the oil. There are a number of ways present to use oil analysis and various reasons behind it.

To determine the maximum oil flow intervals is one of the reasons to use oil analysis. Oil analysis can be helpful to determine the right drain interval so it would be easy for us to change oil before it is evaporated and it can also be helpful in determining if the oil change intervals can be extended with safety.

Normal functionality of an engine can also be checked with the oil analysis. When level of oil increases, it becomes a high priority to check, from where the additional material is coming. Several things can be detected through the oil analysis like fuel dilution, dirt contamination, anti freezing of the oil, improper application of the oil.

We can prevent our machinery from major problems by doing the oil analysis process in advance.

Early detection of the oil can be helpful in reducing the repairing bills of the machine, lessen the catastrophic breakdowns; life of machinery can be increased, lessen non – scheduled downtime.

Purified Lubricants, Inc. helps you in different types of lubrication. There are several oil related services available here like oil conditioning, on-site oil reclamation services, oil flushing service and chemical flushing services. They have also portable equipments used for oil purifying. For more information you can visit www.purifiedlubricants.com or just call on 708-478-3500 to avail the services. You can also reach to us through email at info@purifiedlubricants.com.


The purity of chemicals matters the most in all places where chemicals are used because only the pure chemical can give you an effective and desirable result. Use of Impure chemicals in industries can be harmful to the environment because it causes more air pollution.

Chemical Flushing is the solution for all these problems. Generally it is used for removing dirt, debris, grease, rust, scale and many more impurities through pipelines. At the time of the Chemical Flushing thin layer of surface of pipe wall will be removed in addition to impurities. The process of chemical cleaning will reduce the cost of oil flushing respect to the flushing time and the number of oil flushing elements use this type of filtering materials.

Generally the chemical flushing includes alkaline as a primary degreaser for removing unwanted oils, grease and fat. Secondary element used is acid to remove rust and scale than after the neutralization stage comes at third position. Finally the corrosion inhibitor stage occurs. To gain high quality result in the whole process we must maintain the temperature and pH level of a chemical with a great care. Even a small but single mistake can cause a big problem and we have to carry out the whole process from beginning which not only affects the cost but also takes too much time.

Sometimes there are cases where system components are coated with sludge and varnish which becomes very difficult to remove. The chemical flushing services of Purified Lubricants, Inc. is designed in such a way that dissolves these impurities and replaces the system near to the original working condition. One can also get the Oil Conditioning and On-site Reclamation Service from here. They also supply Portable Oil Purifying equipment to the oil companies in addition to Oil Analysis services.

If you are also one of those companies which want Oil Flushing service than just give a call on 708-478-3500.


My brother sent me a card to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Scott’s Pizza Tours. It’s amazing. And accurate.


My brother sent me a card to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Scott’s Pizza Tours. It’s amazing. And accurate.

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